Innovations in Resilient Infrastructure at Wet Dog Weather

Written by Christy Rohrig

June 4, 2024

At Wet Dog Weather, our expertise in designing resilient infrastructure has enabled us to achieve an impressive milestone: zero production downtime over the past two years. Our commitment to robust data workflows, effective weather data management, and advanced mapping technologies is crucial to this success.

Our Python-driven workflows streamline data import, processing, and radar advection, ensuring seamless operations. Integrating tools like Zarr for efficient data management and web-based mapping solutions like Leaflet and MapLibreJS enhances the reliability of our infrastructure. Furthermore, innovations like the Terrier web version and Zeus AI integration showcase our dedication to continuous improvement and cutting-edge technology.

By embracing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles, we’ve built a flexible and scalable system that withstands the demands of real-time weather data processing. Our approach fortifies our infrastructure and sets a benchmark in the industry for reliability and performance.

For detailed insights into our methodologies and technologies, explore our articles on enhancing weather data workflows with Python, effective data management with Zarr, and more at Wet Dog Weather.