Carrot Weather

Elevating Weather Visualization

Our weather displays have earned rave reviews from users. As a team, we’ve developed outstanding apps that have become favorites among consumers. We take pride in creating weather visualization solutions that are as visually appealing and user-friendly as the best consumer-facing applications.

Best-in-Class Weather Visualization

Users love our displays. As individuals, we’ve built some fantastic apps for big names, and as a company, we can proudly point to our most renowned customer in this space, Carrot Weather.

Our Terrier front end for mobile handles real-time radar display and observed and forecast display for wind, temperature, and other variables. It even works on the Apple Vision Pro!

Carrot Weather on Apple Vision Pro

Acclaimed weather displays for top apps

Terrier front-end for real-time data visualization

Seamless web and mobile integration

Flexible handling of standard and custom data

Web Integration

Terrier works in web browsers, too. We can slip onto your existing Leaflet, Google, Mapbox, or MapLibre map. If you have another map toolkit, we’re happy to add an overlay to it as well.

We’ve ported the Terrier weather renderer via WebAssembly, and the results are pretty spectacular and surprisingly easy to integrate into your Javascript app.

Flexible Data Handling

We process the usual data but can also add custom data. You may want to present many great new AI models to your users, or you may be generating your own. We can process that data in real time and easily incorporate it into the display for your users.

Have a project in mind?

We are a leading Software as a Service provider and charge according to the value we deliver. Our customers have the option to rent their own Boxer stack and gain access to our top-of-the-line Terrier front-end libraries. We handle a wide range of standard data sets, a routine practice. In addition, we also process custom data that you either purchase or generate yourself. Customization is where our expertise and innovation come into play, making things even more interesting. Let’s work together on your weather visualization project!