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Wet Dog Weather currently makes two products to assist with data visualization: Boxer for cloud weather processing and Terrier for front-end display. They are linked together. Users typically interact with the front end when integrating it into their web or mobile app.

Terrier does most of our displays, which gives Boxer more flexibility. We set up a unique Boxer stack for you. Only you have access to your data and use your endpoints. When we want to upgrade your Boxer stack, that’s on your schedule.

Working with Wet Dog Weather has been a great experience. Their expertise elevated our V360 Weatherâ„¢ visualizations, giving our new user interface an impressive edge.

Mike Hunter

Engineering and IT Leader, TruWeather Solutions


Boxer is short for ‘weather service in a box.’ We like our dog puns, of course. Still, it’s a very capable system that can process a variety of weather-related data formats and the models they contain. It’s a cloud-native system that can scale up and down according to your needs and consists of several parts.

Data Ingestion is where things start. Boxer reads standard models and mosaics like HRRR, GFS, MRMS, and others. But a lot of data is available, such as Machine Learning (ML) models, WRT output, and various others. Boxer reads that, too, and keeps it to itself for your use.


Terrier handles data visualization. While Boxer prepares data, Terrier publishes it for display. We do something more complex than just images; thus, users can quickly query the data on the client side.

That’s a lot of heavy lifting on the Terrier side with data management, custom GPU shaders, and complex edge logic. Once we did that work, mixing and matching models to display was effortless and looked incredible.

We love Terrier and prefer you use it on your web or mobile apps, but sometimes you must go old school. For that, we have the Static Tile Service, a boring name for a boring product. It provides WMTS and WMS endpoints, which can be read by just about any web toolkit that knows anything about images.





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We are a leading Software as a Service provider and charge according to the value we deliver. Our customers have the option to rent their own Boxer stack and gain access to our top-of-the-line Terrier front-end libraries. We handle a wide range of standard data sets, a routine practice. In addition, we also process custom data that you either purchase or generate yourself. Customization is where our expertise and innovation come into play, making things even more interesting. Let’s work together on your weather visualization project!