Raising Weather Awareness for Aviation

Weather is a critical factor in aviation. From private pilots to commercial airliners and drone operators, understanding the conditions your equipment and personnel will face is crucial.

Tailoring Weather Displays for Aviation Needs

Everyone knows weather is essential in aviation. From general aviation to commercial to drone piloting, you need to know what conditions your equipment or pilots will encounter.

Your users and stakeholders probably know a lot about weather, but they’re not weather experts. Not everyone is a meteorologist, so you need crisp, consistent, up-to-date displays of the relevant data sets for their use.

TruWeather Solutions V360 Weatherâ„¢

Wet Dog Weather provides consumer-level graphics for the enterprise. That means you can build web dashboards, apps, or even in-flight displays that look as good as consumer apps but show only the data you want.

Essential weather data for all aviation needs

Tailored displays for users of varying expertise

Seamless integration of standard and custom data

Solutions for modern and legacy display systems

Standard and Custom Data Sources

As for the data itself, we process all the usual suspects, but if you have your own, that’s where we shine. We can process that AI model you’re using for wind shear, that fancy, advanced radar subscription you bought, or just a good old WRF model. They’ll appear in your web dashboard or mobile apps, looking just as good as our other sources.

TruWeather Solutions V360 Weatherâ„¢

Working with Wet Dog Weather has been a great experience. Their expertise elevated our V360 Weatherâ„¢ visualizations, giving our new user interface an impressive edge.

Mike Hunter

Engineering and IT Leader, TruWeather Solutions

Legacy System Support

With our Terrier SDK, you’ll experience unparalleled performance that surpasses the capabilities of older WMS or WMTS systems. However, we understand that some users may still need to utilize those systems, so we offer the option to accommodate them as well. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best solution for your display needs, whether you’re looking to upgrade to our state-of-the-art SDK or need to work with your current system.

Additional Capabilities

That’s just what we do right now. Want to query all that data, set up alarms for a dashboard, or do some light data processing yourself? We’re optimizing our systems to make running your weather workloads fast and efficient.

Have a project in mind?

We are a leading Software as a Service provider and charge according to the value we deliver. Our customers have the option to rent their own Boxer stack and gain access to our top-of-the-line Terrier front-end libraries. We handle a wide range of standard data sets, a routine practice. In addition, we also process custom data that you either purchase or generate yourself. Customization is where our expertise and innovation come into play, making things even more interesting. Let’s work together on your weather visualization project!