Weather Mapping Simplified: Terrier’s Web Version in Action

Written by Steve Gifford

March 26, 2024

Terrier’s web version, our front-end display toolkit, has a lot going on—data transfer, reprojection, resampling, and WebGL data shaders, to name some—but using it is pretty straightforward.

Getting Started with Terrier: Weather Mapping Basics

Here’s how you set up the temperature display with the default mapping between data values and colors.

Customizing Weather Visualization with Terrier

Let’s say we’re only interested in freezing weather; we might want a map that reflects that.

This code will map temperature in Kelvin to colors with alpha values.

Terrier keeps data around until the last minute so that you can make real-time changes like this.

Terrier: Your Go-To Weather Visualization Tool

Terrier is known for its simplicity in weather data visualization. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Terrier empowers users to create stunning visualizations easily. Whether you’re a developer or an enterprise seeking dynamic weather mapping solutions, Terrier offers unmatched versatility and efficiency.