Empowering Your Data: Introducing BoxerSDK

Written by Steve Gifford

April 2, 2024

We do weather data visualization—fast, interactive, and beautiful visualization. Terrier does the front-end work on the web or mobile, and Boxer does the cloud processing to make it all work. However, today, we are offering a new product: BoxerSDK.

Using Boxer+Terrier

For most users, our Boxer and Terrier setup is perfect. We do the data processing, and they integrate visualization into their web dashboards and mobile apps. We handle data processing stress, and they focus on their use case.

But sometimes, a user will already be processing the data. They’d still like access to our visualization. Can we do Terrier without the Boxer service?

Introducing BoxerSDK

Now we can! We’re offering Boxer as a Python SDK that you can integrate into your back-end services.

BoxerSDK is a Python library that processes data and uses glue logic to build out AWS infrastructure. You run the glue script once to set things up in your AWS account. Then, you can integrate the Python library into your data processing pipeline.

Whenever you process a weather data set, you save a copy to BoxerSDK. It will write our cloud-native formats to the appropriate buckets and update the metadata.

The only active piece you’ll have to run is our tile server, which responds to metadata queries and individual data tiles. Put a cache before that, and you won’t need many of those, either.

Boxer is still our preferred approach as it’s much simpler to use. But if you have your pipeline, we are thrilled to help you with BoxerSDK.