Find Out How We Provide You With Weather Visualization

Written by Steve Gifford

August 11, 2022

Wet Dog Weather is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. We make a SaaS platform for processing and displaying real-time weather and sensor data. Initially, this is real-time and forecast weather visualization data from your favorite weather app, such as radar, temperature, wind, etc.

Our Innovative Platform

That platform consists of a back-end called Boxer that runs in the cloud. The front end runs on mobile devices and web browsers, and it’s called Terrier. We love our dog puns.

How It Works: Terrier and Boxer

Without digging into the details, we process the data differently for display. Our SDKs are much smarter about handling loading and display, resulting in much lower latency and sharper, more precise interactive displays.

Front-End: Terrier

We’ve been doing this work for years on various weather apps. The Terrier SDKs are a culmination of those ideas and well-tested implementations.

The mobile SDKs for iOS and Android will integrate as overlays with standards like MapKit or Google Maps or work solo if needed. The web SDK will integrate with web toolkits like Google Maps. You can keep your existing map and integrate our displays.

We’ve built an entire back-end system that can be instantiated for your company. This means you’re not sharing bandwidth or processing with other system users. It’s your version that we maintain on our infrastructure or yours.

We charge a flat monthly fee for that, with predictable billing.

Back-End: Boxer

Boxer will provide a Conditions & Forecast API that works off the data you’re paying to access. It could also integrate data that only you have.

The system will also provide visual map tiles if you want them, but you’re better off using our SDKs if you can. It’s much more efficient.

Join Our Beta Program Today!

We’re focusing on big companies who want to integrate these services into their offerings. We offer annual or monthly billing plans.

We will eventually release a public version with a developer portal, billing, and other valuable features. If you’d like to be notified when we move into beta on the public version, please sign up for our mailing list.