Terrier Revolutionizes Real-Time Radar Visualization On The Web

Written by Steve Gifford

April 19, 2023

We’ve been busily working on the radar visualization web support for our display toolkit, Terrier. Yes, everything is named after a dog breed.

The Journey to Web-Based Radar Visualization

Terrier started on mobile and displayed wind, temperature, radar, and other data sets on iOS and Android. But we made a big bet on the web version last year and have been working on it since.

Overcoming Challenges in Web Radar Display

A radar mosaic is a bit more work than temperature and wind. There’s just more of it. The example here is the MRMS mosaic from NOAA which is updated every 2 minutes. We’re displaying fewer slices over a longer period, but it adds up to a lot of data.

There’s more to do here, but it’s working remarkably well on the web so far.