Elevating Wind Visualization With Terrier’s Amazing Particle Effects

Written by Steve Gifford

February 6, 2023

Do you like particles? It’s a trick question; everyone likes particles. We do particles! Specifically, we do wind visualization particles.

The Art of Particle Streamlines

Displaying wind trails is one of the more fun aspects of data visualization. The basic implementation is not all that complex; it just requires some feedback, though there are ways to work around it.

Our implementation is a bit fancier. We’ve got streamlines pretending to be particles, and they’re tied to a real-world location. They can switch between showing movement in a single time slice and tracking direction changes over time.

Customization and Control

Suffice it to say our wind visualization particles are fancy, and you can do a lot with them. All the knobs and switches are available to developers in our Terrier toolkit.