Bridging The Data Moats with Our Unparalleled Visualization

Written by Steve Gifford

November 14, 2022

Venture Capitalists love a monopoly. They look for data moats around your product. What is it that you do that would be hard to duplicate?

Companies have been doing this forever in the weather space: custom sensors, custom data processing, difficult algorithms, and now Machine Learning. There are lots and lots of moats.

The Data Moat Landscape

Many talented, interesting little companies are building moats around their data sets—it feels like even more than in the past. What does a world with so many little moats look like? With access priced high and their data held dear?

Each company needs to get that data out in front of their customers. They need to mix it with standard data sets, too. If you’ve got a brilliant wind sheer detection algorithm, your customers also need to see radar and lightning to go with it.

This is where those brilliant little data companies fall. No one does a perfect job of data display. At best, they do an adequate job, but ‘adequate’ masks the brilliance of their work.

Unleashing Data Potential with Wet Dog Weather

Do you know who’s good at real-time data display? Wet Dog Weather. We specialize in data visualization, particularly in real-time data display and processing, so our offers target that market.

Is your customer unhappy with how your expensive (and awesome) real-time data set looks? Our Boxer back-end can process it, and our Terrier front-end can display it. Let’s talk.