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Shaping the Future of Weather and Sensor Data Visualization

We are expanding our product line and would like your input on using weather data in your business and life. We are engaging with various companies and institutions to understand how they utilize weather and sensor data in their operations.

We have a few questions for you, and we would appreciate it if you could spare under half an hour to answer them:
– Does your enterprise currently use weather or sensor data?
– How do you visualize that data?
– In what areas of the world do you use that data?
– Would you like to use more weather or sensor data in the future? If so, what kinds and where in the world?
– How would you like to visualize that data?
– What platforms do you need data visualized on?

Our main objective is to understand the market better, and your input as a primary source would be invaluable.

We would greatly appreciate it if you have the time to answer our questions. Additionally, if you know someone at another company or institution who could provide valuable insights, please direct us to them.