The Path to Onboarding a Pioneering Salesperson

Written by Steve Gifford

April 17, 2024

Ah, spring, when a young startup’s idle thoughts turn to…. hiring their first direct salesperson.

We are considering hiring a salesperson in the next year or so. If the right person finds us, we could do it sooner.

Wet Dog What?

We’re a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that makes a weather visualization platform. Our customers are sometimes enterprise, creating dashboards and other such tools for high-stakes users. Other times, they’re consumer-focused companies building weather displays for the public.

Our front-end SDK, Terrier, can be easily integrated into a web map or mobile app. The back-end is Boxer, and it processes various weather data for display. We’re also looking at data query and processing in the long term. But in the short term, it’s a visualization platform.

It’s also an excellent visualization platform. Our product looks better than anyone else’s, and that’s our significant advantage right now.

Technical Founders Are the Worst

The executive team consists of one CEO and one COO, both with engineering degrees. The CEO oversees engineering, and the COO runs the company.

We aren’t entirely naive about sales and are pretty good at closing consulting businesses. One of us had a startup that employed direct salespeople, and we understand how much sales and marketing cost.

We also realize we’ll spend MORE time on sales with our first hire, not LESS.

So, What Are We Looking For?

We’re fishing.

At one of our earlier startups, a cofounder was the first salesperson. He was well-liked in the industry, patient, and always interested in what customers did. There was a lot to learn from that guy, but he’s retired. So, who do we need now?

Are you interested in helping define the product, build the sales materials, and hit the metaphorical pavement? Do you like equity, and are you flexible on salary and commission? If you have your own unicorn and saddle, that’d be perfect!

We’ll close a few more deals this year and then look to hire a regular salesperson next year. But if you like a challenge (and equity), we could do it sooner.